At Novo55 we provide traffic and highway services at competitive prices, focussed on satisfying the clients requirements. These cover everything from planning permission to road safety audits to ensure that roads are safe and legal. Road safety audits can be carried out to provide expert opinion on collision investigation.

Traffic & Highway Services Traffic & Highway Services Traffic & Highway Services

We offer the following services to clients in the public and private sector.

  • Transport Assessment/Statement
  • Travel Plans
  • Car park strategies
  • Junction/network capacity analysis
  • Mitigation design
  • Movement frameworks and site layout advice
  • Vehicle swept path analysis
  • Site appraisals
  • Master planning
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Pedestrian and cycle audits
  • Advice on the suitability of planning conditions/Section 106/278 agreements
  • Planning Appeals
  • Traffic Regulation Orders (highway closures/ diversions/ temporary situations /restrictions)
  • Traffic calming design
  • Traffic sign design and review
  • Road marking and signing schemes
  • Travel Plan Coordinator

We have carried out detailed designs for clients, including signalisation of a roundabout, access road design and surface water/foul water design for residential development. Additionally, our experience has also enabled us to help clients successfully object to planning applications, to prevent new roads being built.

We have experience in the traffic order process and have helped public sector clients review their parking strategies. We also have experience in highways agency accidents.

Case studies

Case study 1 - Review of traffic signs

We have recently carried out a review of traffic signs and road markings for a large multinational industrial client. We reviewed the signs and speed limits within the large industrial complex and made recommendations in accordance with the agreed project outcomes.

Case study 2 - Transport statement

We prepared a Transport Statement for an increase in the number of children at a nursery in west Newcastle. The application was refused for highway/traffic reasons, but was won on appeal.  We provided supporting evidence for the applicant with a traffic and parking survey and a report to summarise the effects of the increased use.

Case study 3 - Planning applications

We have acted on behalf of private clients in relation to planning applications. In Durham we were able to advise clients on a planning application for the conversion of premises to a hotel. Local residents felt that the generated traffic would adversely affect their environment and we were able to help clients successfully object to the application.

Case study 4 - Road Safety Audits

We have carried out Road Safety Audits for a number of clients, icluding Transport Scotland in relation to the Dalry By pass.  This is a 4km long 2 plus one by pass of the town of Dalry and is a Design and Build contract.  We have issued a range of RSA reports on all aspects of the design.

Case study 5 - Parking

We have successfully provided support for clientss in preparing parking reports for a number of clients including Elite Gyms for an application to a change of use in Cramlington.

Case study 6 - Road safety strategy

We have prepared a draft road safety strategy for South Ayrshire Council. This involved consideration of the accident data in order to identify groups of road users that are at greater risk of accidents than the general population. The draft road safety strategy included an Action Plan to help the Council achieve its road safety targets. The Council intends to consult its stakeholders on the draft plan in the near future.