Transport Assessments, Transport Statements and Parking Strategies

We offer a transport assessment and transport planning consultancy service, in addition to developing parking strategies.

Traffic & Highway Services Traffic & Highway Services

A transport assessment sets out any issues related to a proposed development. This is carried out anywhere where there is going to be significant transport movement including vehicles, bikes and pedestrians. The assessment identifies measures that need to be taken to deal with any potential transport impacts. It also looks at ways to improve accessibility and safety for all means of travel but in particular cycling, public transport and walking.

Our Travel Statement Services include the following:

  • An assessment of the Local Authority Transport Policy to ensure there's a policy fit with the proposed development
  • An accessibility assessment of the development site
  • Policy review
  • Review of transport infrastructure
  • Estimate of generated traffic and parking and consideration of its effect on the transport infrastructure
  • Travel Plans - how the development can reduce the travel needs of the residents

We Offer

  • Responsive Approach
  • Credible And Clear Response
  • Cost Effective Service
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Local Authority Experience

Case Studies

Our Director of Highways has developed interim parking strategies for a regional centre in the West Midlands, as well as a draft parking strategy for a major city in the North East.

We have prepared Transport Assessments (TA's) for a range of clients for residential and commercial developments. We have prepared Transport Statements and Travel Plans for developers Gentoo, Persimmons and Home Housing.

We have assisted developers in making planning applications and planning appeals for various projects including a mosque in Sunderland.

We have helped a number of resident organisations object to planning applications including in Durham where a listed building was to be converted to a hotel. This was successfully resisted, in part, on highways/traffic grounds

Recent commissions

  • Coop store, Ashington
  • NHS Diagnostic and treatment centre, Belmont, Durham