What are Expert Witness Reports?

Expert witness reports are reports used in a court of law by experts within the given industry. The expert through education, training, certification or experience gives evidence based on their area of expertise to assist in various legal matters.

Traffic & Highway Services Traffic & Highway Services

Novo55 provide extensive expertise to assist with claims and advice mostly related to incidents that have taken place on the highway. Any evidence we have given for highway liability claims based on our experience of highway authority maintenance regimes and practices has been invaluable to our clients.

What makes Novo55 a trusted expert witness?

  • Unique highways expertise - Novo55 is experienced in highway and structural design and can provide independent advice and guidance to you and to Courts
  • Responsive approach - We can react quickly to requests to visit any UK location and provide an efficient document appraisal and report writing service
  • Credible and clear response - Our team of Highway Consulting Engineers will analyse documents and provide technically accurate, clear and concise reports to assist you in your decision making process
  • Risks managed - Our holistic approach and attention to detail will ensure every aspect is considered in our witness response

We can de-risk highway liability related claims and simplify decisions through our opinions based on the claims being made. For more information on what we do in this area please feel free to contact us.